Pune UltraMarathon

Only the Toughest will Conquer this!


This is a combined race for male and female runners with NO age-wise categories (Open category race). There is however a minimum age for participation and entrants must be no younger than 21 yrs on the day of the race. This run is no frills event meant for serious and trained runners aspiring to do a good ultra marathon with experience of running full marathons or other ultra events.

Race categories:

50/75/100/161 Kilometers

25 * 4 Team Ultra Relay

Cut – off times:

  • 161 Kms – 28 hours
  • 100 Kms – 17 hours
  • 75 Kms – 11 hours
  • 50 Kms – 6 hours 30 mins 
  • 25*4 Team Ultra  Relay: Overall Team Cut off time: 15 hrs ( for Team Finishers Certificate)

There will be split timing check at Aid Station 3 ( Ram-Dhara Temple) for each loop, to avoid any emergency situation in the trail route for the 75kms , 100kms and 161 kms route. Runners will have to leave the route if they do not reach the Aid Station( Split timing check point) by the indicated time below. This is for the safety and benefit of the runner as the route after the Aid Station 3 is a pure trail route and it will not be possible to complete the event if you do not met this cut off / split timings.  Race will start at 06:00 AM on Saturday for 161kms, 100kms and 75 kms and 06:00 AM on Sunday for 50kms. The team event will commence at 07:00 Am on Saturday. The split timings which will be checked at Aid Station 3 ( Ram Dhara temple) when running towards the turn around point , are as indicated below:-

Distances 161kms( 28 hrs)        100Kms(17 hrs)   75Kms(11hrs)  50kms (6hrs30min)
25 kms 3hrs 05min
33kms 4 hr 15 min 4 hr 4 hrs
58kms 8hrs 30 min 8 hrs 30 min 8 hrs
83 kms 13 hrs 30 min 13 hrs 30min
108 kms 19 hrs
133 kms 23 hrs 30 min
161 kms 28hrs

Race eligibility:

In order for us to encourage a smooth transition from marathons to ultras, there is a minimum qualification criteria that a runner must meet before applying for the Pune Ultra Marathon.

  1. For 50 Kms – A minimum of one full marathon with timing of sub-5 hours in last year.
  2. For 75 Kms – A minimum of two full marathons with timing of sub-5 hours OR minimum of one 50Km in last year.
  3. For 100 Kms – A minimum of two 50 Kms or  one 75 Kms in last two years with timings of sub-6 hours 30min for 50 Kms or sub-12 hours for 75 Kms.
  4. For 161 Kms – A minimum of one 100 Kms in last two years with timings of sub-17 hours.
  5. For 25*4 Team event, all participants should have completed at least one HM in the last year in less than 2 hrs 30 min.

Race Fees:

Race Distance Race Fees
50 KMs ₹ 1000
75 KMs ₹ 1500
100 KMs ₹ 2000
161 KMs ₹ 2500
25*4 Relay ₹ 4000 @ ₹ 1000 per runner
Pacers ₹ 750

Support Runner:  Each support runner will have to register/ be registered along with the participant with an amount of ₹ 750 only. For 100 miler: 03 pacers/ crew are permitted ; For 100 km:  02 are permitted ; For 75 km:  only 01 pacer is permitted.  No Pacers are permitted for 50 km. All pacers need to register and will be given BIBs with the number of the runner they are pacing. They have to run from Aid station to Aid station and their timings will also be recorded. Running from between is not permitted. No vehicular support or on route support is permitted. Aid stations are the designated areas for rest and change. Separate tickets will have to be purchased for the Pacer.

Accomodation & Meals: Accomodation will not be provided at school. Arrangements have to be made by the runners. Additional meals prior to commencement of the run/ post run for the 50km and 75km runners who stay back will be charged at ₹200 per meal.

What’s included in the fee?

  • Aid-station support providing water, electrolytes, and medical aid at every 5 km intervals.
  • Medal and digital certificate – ONLY FOR FINISHERS within cut-off time.
  • Meals and solid replenishment during as well as post run for registered runners only.

18 thoughts on “THE RACE

  1. I would love to participate and I am fit enough to complete the marathon as well but sadly i cannot fit the eligibility criteria given.
    Please let me know if something can be done. my email is aniketh.shetty@squats.in


  2. My timing in last marathon is 5 hrs 16 mins . Do i qualify to participate??

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have registered for the Ultra. How do you register if it confirmed. Where do I submit the documents


  4. Hi Team, I have done one full marathon and one Triathlon (Olympic category) and also couple of half marathons & 10k since January. Will I be eligible for 75k or do you want me to complete one more full marathon? Please let me know the possibilities as I am very much interested and looking forward to it.
    My email : nitin_rana1815@yahoo.co.in
    Nitin Rana


  5. I’m going to run 110k malnad ultra on October 7th 2017 am I eligible to run 161k..Already I’ve Completed 75k ultra in Aug 2017 in sub 11hrs 20mins


  6. I’m going to run 110k malnad ultra on October 7th 2017 am I eligible to run 161k..Already I’ve Completed 75k ultra in Aug 2017 in sub 11hrs 40mins


  7. I have already registered. Please confirm my registration. virendersingh1982@yahoo.com / 7276001441


  8. I have completed TMM 2018 & Adani Marathon at 5 hour 7 Min . any concession as looking for 75 KM . Please help


  9. I had completed Ladakh Half Marathon this month with a timing of 2.28. Can I participate for 50Km


  10. HIi, Myself is Nishant Sanap. I’ve done last year Tata Mumbai full marathon in 5.15 mint & also done many half marathon. I’m interested in 75km. I’m participating full marathon in coming Dec & Jan. Please let me know my eligibility in 75km Marathon. My email id is nishantsanap1988@gmail.com, mobile no is 9221008669


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