Pune UltraMarathon

Only the Toughest will Conquer this!


Dr. Sandesh Doshi :

  1. Event: It was a fantastic event, first of its kind and I am very happy to be part of the same. I wish you had more visibility so that more runners could participate in this wonderful event.
  1. Fees: Rs 500+70 taxes was a true bargain. You may choose to keep the same 06:30hrs cut off next year but may I suggest not to increase your fees?Otherwise it will surely deter people like me (who qualify to participate in the event  by doing minimum 1 FM but are not trained enough for an ultra), from registering and only possible contenders / podium finishers and regular ultra runners will take part. 

Course:  It was very good, challenging and well planned. 12.5k stretch done 4 times was a good idea rather than to have point A to point B 50k. Arrows were neatly placed  wherever one could go wrong. I am used to trail running so did not mind the trail part. Minimal traffic was an added advantage. No tree cover was a minus but all in all no complaints. 

Run:  It was very good. My minimum target was to meet the first 25k cut off so that I could continue running and put in my longest run until I was picked up by the race officials after the cut off time.   

Aid stations (AS): These were the backbones of this run. I started calling them ‘Pit stop’ stations after a while. I had kept my drop bags at both the stations but once I realized that I could depend on the AS, I did not require to go for my drops bag (which would have been certainly more time consuming). The AS people understood individual runner’s requirement very quickly (without asking for it or demanding it) and made arrangements painstakingly. I did not require to run with an extra weight since one energy bar and one Enerzal tetra pak was predictably available at every AS. The icing treatment was just fantastic. I do not think that the time I spent at the AS were responsible for my finish 13mins outside cut off. On the contrary I think I could complete my 50k run only because of the icing treatment. Maybe next year I will spend little less time there. To me Enerzal tetra pak (or similar) is mandatory (instead of cups or bottles) which allows us to sip it as and when required. Otherwise my plan was to fill a 200ml empty bottle at every AS.

The volunteers : They were terrific. The manual time keeping, posting the results almost immediately, posting the photos and videos pretty fast, cheering the participants before during and after the race etc were carried out selflessly. Kudos to them. This program would not have been a great success without them.

 Dr. Sandesh J. Doshi,
Eye and Vitreo Retinal Surgeon,
Past President,
The Poona Ophthalmological Society (2012-2013),

Umesh Sonavane

Congrats for successfully arranging Pune’s own first ever ultra marathon with minimum registration cost n maximum value to runners.Thanks to all your enthusiastic volunteers their support and motivation

Nupur Bagawade

A big thank you to all of you. You have helped me live my dream. A dream to run an Ultra.

Dushyant Jain

This is the best event that i have taken part in!

I truly appreciate the effort put in by every member of the team!!