Pune UltraMarathon

Only the Toughest will Conquer this!


Race details:

  1. What are the race categories at Pune Ultra Marathon? – The race has 5 categories: 50/75/100/161 KMs and  a Team Relay of 25km x 4 where teams of 4 members with minimum 2 women in each team.
  2. What is the race format?: It is a semi-supported race, meaning aid-stations are spaced 5 Kms apart and runners are expected to be self-sufficient between the aid-stations.
  3. What is provided at the aid-stations? : Water, electrolytes, salt, sugar, bananas and oranges.
  4. What are the cut-off times? For more race details, please see the Race Page
  5. What are the fees? For more details, please see the Race Page
  6. What items are mandatory for 161, 100 and 75 KM runners? : Following items are mandatory for 161, 100 and 75 KM runners.
    1. Headlamp for night.
    2. 161 km and 100km female runners must have at least one pacer runner especially for the night duration.
  7. Am I allowed to get my support runners/pacers for 50/75/100/161 km? : Yes, support runners are permitted only for the 100kms, 161 kms and 75kms  but they will have to register for the event as a support runner/ pacer. Every support runner will have to register for the same distance as they want to support, and they will have to mention the runner they are supporting. Also,all pacers will have their BIBs and will run a minimum distance of at-least from one aid station to another aid station and will also have to inform their starting and stopping whenever they run. Monitoring will be done strictly for all runners on route. No vehicular/ on route support is permitted. Any breach of this rule will lead to disqualification of runner immediately. For eg. no t-shirt/ water is to be provided  on the route by the pacer other than what is available at aid station. Aid stations can be the change point/ rest point.
  8. How many support runners are allowed? : Maximum 3 support runners are allowed for 161 KM race participants, 2 support runners for 100 KM race participants and 1 support runner for 75 KM race participant. Please see Booking Page.
  9. Where does the race start? – At Innovera School, Pune.

5 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Do we get a medal on successful completion?


  2. Is there/ are there baggage drop locations enroute for food? Are you planning a practice run anytime?


  3. Hi, How do I download my finisher’s certificate?


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